German Engineering for your Land Rover

Travelling through continental Europe you’ll come across Defenders equipped with some of the best designed, built and tested equipment available on the market.

We bring that equipment to you.

We’re offering these stylish, high quality and functional products – built to exacting standards, manufactured from premium materials – designed to fit efficiently and without the need for drilling, which means, if necessary the equipment can be removed from your Defender to reinstate to “original”.

So, whatever your Defender does, add some premium German Engineering from 110 Technik so you can #DefineYourDefender.

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Up-to 80% off!

Prices include VAT. Prices, specification and availability subject to change without prior notice.

Heavy Duty Front Grill – £330 now @ £170 – Only 1 left

The URBANITE HD grill has reinforced construction and unique design, providing additional protection to your vehicles radiator. The slats of the HD grill are individually demountable, allowing you to create your custom look. Manufactured from S355 1.5mm structural steel and powder coated. This is the grade of steel used in construction of off-shore wind turbine components and power plants, so it’ll do a great job protecting your radiator and fan units.

No Drilling required 


Premium Aluminium Steering guard- Engage 4x4Aluminium Steering Guard – £330 now @ £150- ONLY 1 LEFT!

The 8mm aluminium steering guard is designed to protect your Defenders vulnerable steering components whilst driving off-road. The steering guard is equipped with stylish bevelled holes to provide air flow to cooling systems and reduce accumulation of dirt and mud behind the guard.

No drilling required

Steering Guard plate: 8mm ALMG3 (Anodised)

Supporting Brackets: 6mm S355 high-strength steel


Defender aluminium fuel tank guard110 Aluminium Fuel Tank Guard – £336 now @ £190 – ONLY 1 LEFT!

The aluminium fuel tank guard protects the fuel tank  and rear anti-roll bar from damage in off-road use. Made of lightweight 6 mm anodised aluminium to keep the weight of the vehicle low, equipped with stylish bevelled holes to reduce accumulation of dirt and mud behind the guard.

No Drilling required – 1998 onwards – Fits with Land Rover Towbar.


Aluminium Fuel Cooler Guard TDCI/TD4 PUMA – £150 now @ £70 – ONLY 1 LEFT!

Made from lightweight 6mm aluminium and finished in natural aluminium, the guard reduces the risk of vehicle immobilisation and environment damage resulting from a damaged fuel cooler.

No Drilling required – all fasteners included


Stainless Steel 2nd Row Door Extenders 110/130 £65 now @ £50 – ONLY 1 SET LEFT!

These simple yet clever brackets increase the angle of the 2nd row door opening on all Land Rover Defender 110 Station Wagon and 110/130 Double-Cab models. This vastly improves accessibility of the rear seats and foot well making it easier for rear passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. Oblong holes allow you to fine tune the maximum opening angle of the door – upto 90 degrees! (Pair)

No Drilling required – STAINLESS STEEL fasteners provided.


Anodised Aluminium Heater Intake Grilles – £125 now @ £90 – only 1 silver pair left!

The Abenteuer 4×4 Anodised Aluminium Heater Intake Grille Set replaces the plastic covers on the wings of your Land Rover Defender. Comprises: 1xLH Grille, 1x RH Grille, 1x blanking plate, stainless steel fasteners. Made from high grade aluminium and anodised.

No Drilling required – STAINLESS STEEL fasteners provided.

Defender ex-tec hidden winch bumperWinch bumper with Hella fog-lights – £1,800 now @ £740 – ONLY 1 LEFT

The Ex-Tec winch bumper is constructed from solid 4mm fine grain steel, which is then sandblasted, hot-dip galvanized and finished in highly abrasion-resistant industrial paint. The bumper features two automotive style recovery points and a pair of integrated Hella Fog-lights. The design features tapered wings increasing your approach angle and complimenting your Defender’s styling. We recommend the WARN XDC-S Ultimate Performance self-recovery winch.

Winch bumper includes two pre-mounted Hella 90mm Fog-lights, one automotive style recovery eye, a number plate bracket and TUV certificate. Please note does not include fairlead shown. Fits both air-con and non-air-con models..


Defender 110 gearbox guardAluminium Gearbox + Transfer box protection plate – 110 TDCI – £450 now @ £190 – ONLY 1 LEFT

The Ex-tec Underbelly protection plate is constructed from 6mm aluminium. It protects  the vulnerable components that may be damaged on severe break-over angles. This protects the chassis, gearbox and transfer case, handbrake drum and the first part of the rear prop-shaft and silencer box. All additional fasteners included.


Black 16″ Steel Wheels – £200 for 5 (£40 each)

16″x7″ DOTZ DAKARS, the ultimate steel wheel. SWISS MADE.  Includes new wheel nuts.


HD Drive Flanges – £60 now @ £35 each (4 left)

Designed to replace thin flange as fitted to the 300 TDi, TD5 and TDCi engined vehicle.


Prices include VAT. Prices, specification and availability subject to change without prior notice.